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The focused ultrasound used by the UltraShape treatment is different than routine ultrasound. This new technology uses focused ultrasound to deliver acoustic energy at a controlled distance from the ultrasound transducer. Ultrasound energy is emitted from the transducer, with the energy low near the transducer surface and concentrated at a distant focus which is the fat under the skin. Low energy is delivered through the skin and high energy is concentrated to the fat. Since the UltraShape uses mechanical energy to disrupt the adipocytes (fat cells), not heat, the surrounding structures are not harmed because of their different susceptibility to mechanical energy.

UltraShape has a unique central tracking and guidance system to ensure safety. A real-time video image of the marked treatment area is displayed on a monitor and allows only the marked area to be treated, resulting in smooth, uniform body contouring. UltraShape version 2, which is used in our office, allows us to control power levels for optimal treatment.

All of these features result in a very safe, effective procedure.

How is the fat cleared?

Fat inside adipocytes is in the form of triglycerides. When the adipocyte membrane is ruptured, the triglycerides are released into the interstitial fluid between the cells and are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol. The glycerol is dissolved by water. The free fatty acids attach to albumin in the interstitial fluid and are taken to the liver. The liver cannot differentiate between free fatty acids released from the adipocytes by the UltraShape treatment or those originating from a meal. Studies have monitored the known metabolic pathways of fat metabolism and showed no clinically significant abnormalities after UltraShape treatment. The free fatty acids are all processed by the same normal pathway and are recycled to meet the body's need for energy.

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