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Body Sculpting is a general term that refers to many different types of activities and techniques. Diets, work out routines, various herbal supplements and medical treatment modalities are all purported methods of body sculpting. UltraShape™ body sculpting treatment is the latest technology in body sculpting treatment introduced by Dr Gidon.

Dr Gidon selected UltraShape™ body sculpting in Toronto for patients who have had limited or no success with other options in body sculpting and who are concerned about going under the knife. Furthermore, because UltraShape™ body sculpting treatment has virtually no downtime in terms of recovery, it represents a very attractive body sculpting alternative for Dr Gidon's patients. Moreover, UltraShape™ body sculpting treatments are unique in the sense that they are meant to address the short comings associated with other types of body sculpting treatments.

UltraShape™ body sculpting can be focused on any area of the body where fatty tissue exists no matter how minor. In fact UltraShape™ body sculpting has been designed with particular attention to those hard to remove fatty deposits that won't go away no matter how much diet and exercise may be involved. UltraShape™ body sculpting treatment is the perfect solution for removing localized deposits of fat that are too small to warrant an expensive and lengthy surgical procedure. Just a few short body sculpting treatments and you will begin to notice the difference. UltraShape™ body sculpting is also a perfect option for those busy bodies who can't find the time to go to the gym a few days a week on a consistent basis.

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