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What Happens to Fat After UltraShape Treatment?

Human body stores energy as fat because fat is the most efficient way of storing energy. Fat is essentially made up of a substance called triglycerides. When fat tissue is treated by focused ultrasound waves (UltraShape), the focused ultrasound beam causes mechanical disruption of the membranes of the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Because UltraShape targets a specific depth overlaying skin is not damaged. Tissue samples after UltraShape treatment show a clear differentiation between areas of disrupted fat tissue and surrounding tissue. The question then is what becomes of the fat contained in the adipose cells, after the cell membrane is destroyed by UltraShape. This article describes the absorption of fat following the cell disruption by UltraShape treatment.

Fat Reduction Following UltraShape

Fat, inside fat cells, exists in the form of triglycerides. When the fat cell membrane is destroyed, triglycerides are released into the “interstitial fluid” between the cells. Outside the fat cell triglycerides are stored differently. Triglycerides are then directed to the circulatory system and to the interstitial fluid space. During the passage through the arteries and interstitial space, triglycerides are further broken down.

Triglycerides released by the UltraShape treatment will eventually make way to the liver where they will be treated no differently than fatty acids those originating from a meal. Fatty acids released by UltraShape are thus expunged through the natural means already available in the body.

Study courtesy of Dr Spencer Brown, Director of Plastic Surgery Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA
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